The Farment™ line of products helps restore the biodiversity of aquatic reservoirs or soils damaged during decades.

Our two phases natural process involves transformation and biodegradation cycles that restore life in the soil.

How Our Products Work

Farment products increase productivity and field resilience to extreme weather while decreasing your reliance on chemical fertilizers, making your nutrients more available to plants. The over-use of chemical fertilizers results in reduced crop yields and water holding capacity. Through Farment, a natural process of nutritional recomposition is achievable in soils. The plants’ natural cycles are enhanced by biodiversity restoration allowing the “digestion” of soil nutrients, making them available to plants. The end result is a robust culture of fungi and bacteria which are an integral part of the soil microbial community. These microbes play a vital role in the restoration of degraded soils through fertility enhancement by affecting nutrient cycles as well improvement in soil structure capable of making bioavailable to the soil all those artificial substances, mineral or not, which due to their unnatural condition do not achieve high levels of absorption within an ecosystem such as the soil. Farment is a greener and cost-effective solution for farmers’ productivity needs, minimizing the impact of fertilizers on the environment.

At Farment Bio-Solutions Ltd, we contribute to increasing the productivity per acre without harming the environment. Furthermore, Farment products are powerful remediation tools.

You can find our catalog of products below.  Feel free to call us at +1 (250) 307-7257 if you have any questions about the products, how they work, and shipping.


Farm Soil & Seed

This bioavailable fermented fungal seed treatment aims to stimulate root mass and protect from pathogenic fungi.


FarmPHent is a biological fertilizer mainly consisting of bio-available phosphorus and phosphorus solubilizing bacteria.  For early root development that works in concert with soil biology.

Farm Residue

FarmResidue is a mighty fungal residue treatment specially designed for colder climates. These late harvest applications can make your residue nutrients up to 10 times more bioavailable.

FarmBio SiK

FarmBioSIK is a biological catalyzer with bioavailable phosphorus and potassium. In mid-harvest applications permit bigger and healthier fruits and vegetables. Together with amorphous silica FarmSiKent, is remarkably effective at preventing heat and cold stresses that are ever-changing with our warmer and colder climates.

FarmBio Nitrogen

FarmBio Nitrogen is a biological catalyzer consisting mainly of organic nitrogen and nitrogen-fixing bacteria. This allows the plant to get more nitrogen in the early growth stages. Organic nitrogen is the most dependable and more available to your crops.

Farm Silage

Farmsilage is a strong facultative application for your bails and silage with over 28 different species of lactobacillus. This guarantees a proper ferment and will eliminate stuck fermentation that can cause costly spoilage to your feed that can directly affect your cattle.

FarmBio Water

Farment is widely used for water remediation because of its capacity to break down nutrients to an available form for aquatic plants. Farment reduces eutrophication, which is an enrichment of water by nutrient salts that causes structural changes to the ecosystem.

Farm F.A.C.S

Fermentation Amorphous Carbon Suspensions are like no other carbon delivery system in the world. These suspensions act as nitrogen inhibitors making nitrogen more stable in your soil. The uniqueness of our suspensions is they work together with our microbes to ensure proper disbursement and delivery of the carbon.