FarmPHent is a biological fertilizer mainly consisting of bio-available phosphorus and phosphorus solubilizing bacteria.  For early root development that works in concert with soil biology.


  • 200 per jug
  • 5000 per tote


  • 20 litre jug
  • 1000 litre tote

2 to 3 litres of this product in-furrow or spread broadly with 8 litres of water per acre.

This product is designed using specifically selected free-living soil microbes with high microbial activity, even in cooler soil temperatures. The novel strains have proven performance in stimulating early root development and solubilizing phosphorus to enhance nutrient use efficiency. Growers reap the benefits of expanded application flexibility, optimized crop fertility planning, and higher yields—resulting in maximized revenue potential.  

This is a liquid product.



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