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At Farment, we understand the necessity of matching food availability with population growth. With bio regenerative solutions, this is achievable without negatively impacting the environment and polluting our world.

In order to match the growing population demands, farmers have to produce more on the same surface. This sometimes forces them to use increasing quantities of chemical fertilizers that are not immediately available to your crops. Farment reduces the need for chemical fertilizers by transforming your nutrients into their more available form for plants using the power of fermenting fungi.

Fermentation makes nutrients more available and increases the soil water retention capacity, permitting farmers to grow more with less.

Farment is a greener and cost-effective solution for farmers productivity needs, minimizing the impact on the environment.

  • Empowering farmers to create their own fertility through fermentation!
  • Making nutrients more available for responsible agriculture!
  • Ensuring that our children can savour a fruit or vegetable with the same flavour and nutritional value as our grandparents!
  • Restoring the soil carbon sponge!
  • To grow more with less!



As a third-generation farmer, Facundo Rapela grew up in the farming world. As soon he got his double degree in business and finance at Nottingham Trent University and ended his working experiences in Europe, he returned to Argentina to take over the family drilling business with his business partner.

In Canada, Martin, his Alfarmers partners, and his Acterra Tech friends founded Farment Bio Solutions to provide an alternative option to traditional fertilizers. Farment products boost the availability of nutrients while reducing nitrification and environmental hazards to soils, water and the environment.

Previously Martin and his Alfarmers Partners transformed a salty marginal land with little production capabilities into a 3,000-acre fully productive sustainable venture. That’s when producing more with less became a way of life for him.

Outside agriculture, Martin is a family man who enjoys taking long, discussion-filled walks with his family.

RALPH LETT / Co-Founder

Over the last two decades, Ralph has begun to realize that we can grow better and healthy food without the need for conventional farming practices. He aims to share his knowledge about fungal-dominated soils and fermentation applied to bioregenerative agriculture.

Ralph and his partners from Argentina combined all the accumulated knowledge to form Farment Bio Solution, a firm dedicated to addressing environmental problems related to traditional farming and the nutrient excess connected to it. 

Ralph enjoys skiing with his wife Kari and his son Charlie, and he and his family volunteer in several charities.


Jorge Martinez Casas is an entrepreneur, a sustainable farmer, and a climate change activist. He is the CEO and co-founded Farment Bio Solutions, to offer products bio-products that increase productivity and field resilience while decreasing the reliance on chemical fertilizers, making nutrients more available to plants.

As CEO of Farment Bio Solutions, Jorge wants to share his experience and vision with other farmers and researchers. His hope is that he can help them implement modern agricultural techniques that contribute to stopping land desertification, minimizing or avoiding the use of chemical fertilizer and herbicides, and reducing the agriculture impact on the environment and the ecosystem.

Jorge is a single father of Clara and Juan. He enjoys transcendental meditation, visiting national parks with his partner Maria and his sons, listening to his daughter performing music, and watching his son playing rugby.

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