Farm Residue

FarmResidue is a mighty fungal residue treatment specially designed for colder climates. These late harvest applications can make your residue nutrients up to 10 times more bioavailable.


  • 150 per jug
  • 3500 per tote


  • 18 litre jug
  • 1000 litre tote

Recommended while rolling post-harvest residues at 2 to 4 litres per acre. Either mix with water at 30/35 litres per acre with a 50 mesh screen or can add to your pivot.

*1000 litre-totes holding up to 950 litres of Farment. The residual liquid is excellent for the inoculation of your compost.

Pricing is subject to GST

Fungal and bacteria consortium accelerate the decomposition of post-harvest residue. The benefits multiply when this residue is rolled down and mixed with the soil. This increased contact between the soil and residue permits an increased mass transfer from crop residue to microbial cells, and this increased contact enables the residues to remain moist, allowing the metabolization to occur.

When FarmResidue is applied to your crop residue, it will boost the decomposition increasing the carbon in the soil and the soil biodiversity, making nutrients more available and prolonging the plants' green growth, increasing the productivity of your fields at a lower cost.

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