FarmBio Nitrogen

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FarmBio Nitrogen is a biological catalyzer consisting mainly of organic nitrogen and nitrogen-fixing bacteria. This allows the plant to get more nitrogen in the early growth stages. Organic nitrogen is the most dependable and more available to your crops.


  • 180 per jug
  • 4500 per tote


  • 18 litre jug
  • 1000 litre tote*

2 to 3 litres of this product in-furrow or spread broadly with 8 litres of water per acre.

*1000 litre-totes holding up to 950 litres of Farment. The residual liquid is excellent for the inoculation of your compost.

An agricultural catalyst is an element that accelerates the chemical reaction that unblocks nutrients present in the soil and makes it available to plant roots. In the absence of an agricultural catalyst, these nutrients remain bound to the soil, unavailable for plants.

Farment-BioN provides organic nitrogen to your crops when it needs it the most and delivers the necessary biological catalysts to increase the nitrogen and other nutrients availability increasing the plants' yield and quality.

Farment-BioN, in combination with your fertility plan, will use your ammonium as a food source for its yeasts. These yeasts will grow and rapidly expand, converting ammonia into amino acids. Amino Acids are the most available form of nitrogen to plants.

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