The Farment™️ biostimulant is the secret tool to boost farm productivity and resilience.

Sustainable Farming Support

It’s created from fermented organic matter, a process teeming beneficial microorganisms. These microorganisms not only complement the nutrients, but also increase their availability and stability, helping your crops thrive even under environmental stress and pests.-

Aligned with eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices, Farment biostimulants diminish reliance on synthetic inputs, fostering natural soil health ni vineyards and orchards.

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Elevate your farming practices and observe your crops thriving like never before!oxygen.

Why select our blend with biostimulants?

Farment Fermented Manure Mix + Biostimulants: Naturally enrich your soil with our Farment Fermented Manure Mix infused with our powerful biostimulant.

Experience optimized nutrient uptake, enhanced soil biodiversity, and vigorous plant growth tailored for farm environments. Excessive application of chemical fertilizers can create ideal conditions for microbial decomposition, hastening the breakdown of organic matter.

Farment Mix and biostimulants interaction with chemical fertilizers Synergistic Powers at Play