“Get Fermenting” Offer

Let us partner with you to convert your crop residue to next years’ fertilizer. Residue management is the key to breaking down your fibre residue and making your nutrients more available.

Order and apply 2 litres per acre Farment Soil and Seed and get free out of charge 2 litters of Farment Residue for your post-harvest treatment. Farment Residue will be delivered upon your 30 days advance request note in the fall.

  • To be eligible for this offer, you must place your order before the end of February 2022.
  • You can apply today to our three-year testing program and extend this offer until 2024. To get access to this 3 years program, we will send you a simple agreement, and you will need to send your soil sampling pre and post-harvest to A&L Lab (free of charge) to chart your soil health evolution.

Payment: 30% upfront, 30% prior to the delivery of the soil and seed treatment and the balance with your request for delivery of the residue treatment. Remember that all orders for Farment Residue must be placed within 30 days prior to the delivery date.